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Shadow Color

The Shadow Color of a selected figure can be changed to meet a desired preference. It can be altered for a selected figure(s) or in instances where no figures have been selected. If a figure has not been selected, the color change applies to any figure added after the change. To alter the shadow color:

  1. Click on the Shadow and Opacity Tab in the Sidebar.

    Note: The Shadow Visibility option must be enabled for a color change to appear within the Drawing Canvas. Click on the Shadow Visibility toggle slider to enable/or disable this option. The slider will appear with a green background when this option is enabled.

  2. Changes made to this attribute are only reflected on current or new figures within the Drawing Canvas when the Shadow Visibility option has been enabled. To enable/disable this option, click on the checkbox next to the option labled “Shadow and Opacity”. It will have a checkmark and blue background when enabled.

  3. Then Click on the Shadow Color attribute in the Shadow and Opacity Tab.

  4. To select a pre-defined color in the Color Square, simply click on the desired color.

  5. You may also configure a color by choosing an option from the Color Selection Menu: Color Wheel, RGB, HSV, Gray Scale, Named Colors Favorite Colors, or Colors in Use. To do so, click on the menu and then click on an option.

  6. If using the Color Wheel, first click on the desired color range within the outside of the wheel view. Then choose the desired lightness or darkness of the selected color in the center (saturation) square.

  7. Perform a Click/Drag gesture combination on the Opacity Slider to change the degree to which the shadow can be seen through. Then click anywhere within the Drawing Canvas to close the window.

  8. The following examples show a square prior to adding a shadow and after the color has been altered.

Note: A color change will be seen instantaneously when a figure is selected. If no figures have been selected, the color change will apply to all subsequently created figures.

X and Y Offset

The X Offset and Y Offset attributes set the offset of the shadow in the X axis and Y axis. Type a value in the text field or use the “Up” or “Down” Buttons to alter the shadow offset for a figure(s). In the example below, the X and Y Offset has been changed to 15 points.


The Blur attribute sets the amount of blur applied to the shadow. Type in a number in the text field or use the “Up” or “Down” Buttons to alter the Blur value for the shadow. In the example below, the Blur value has been changed to 20 points.


Use the Opacity slider, text field, or “Up” and “Down” Buttons to alter the opaqueness (opposite of transparency) of a selected color. In the example below, the Opacity has been changed to 50.

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